Stephanie Martin is an Australian artist, born in 1986 in Darwin where she currently lives and works.


Having studied a Diploma of Arts in furniture design at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) before completing a Bachelor of Fine Arts (RMIT) in object based practice, her experience hand crafting objects led to an interest in mass-produced wares. Stephanie completed her honours year at Charles Darwin University where, instead of crafting objects, she began documenting them in the home using photography and video.


In recent works, Stephanie seeks to reform relationships with the home and its contents, using light to bring everyday objects to life, suggesting power beyond materiality. Emerging from mass-produced vessels, dream-like imagery is captured using photography and video, alluding to the unconscious dimensions of daily life.


Stephanie’s works were recently featured in the international and multidisciplinary symposium Symposium: Creativity in the Borderland between Art and Science at Charles Darwin University and have been exhibited at Craft Victoria (Melbourne), First Site Gallery (Melbourne), Nan Giese Gallery (Darwin) and Mayfair Gallery (Darwin).