Jeremy Garnett in conversation with 'Lighting the Pass: the domestic object as lens' (2016), Nan Giese Gallery, Darwin.


Unbound Wings (2016)

Once, we too were borne on unbound wings,
heavens mark, eternal, upon our very hair;
heart’s desire caught in every gaze —
light spun off elsewhere between motes of air.

Once, we too swum and played beyond the waves of earth,
where refractions rose as promontories to break the path of shadowed storms.
Where the light of days scattered white in the surf of golden seas;
and the ultraviolet light of night woke the depths of oceans whence ethereal spirits fed.

Once, we too wondered—
of the realms from which we were constrained;
at the structural solidity of glass, in clarity, become so much more than sand;
and why water played with the gaze of gods yet never fastened time.

Once, we too strayed too far earth-wards and were bound upon this plane
and in our fascination we lost our feathers to become what we never thought to fear.
We became as you, distinct, silent, lost — and locked in structured form.
So now,  golden seas and white sunlight, we see only through our tears.